Here are just a few of Jill Wynns’ accomplishments as a Board of Education member:

More money for schools:

  • Helped conceive and worked to pass every school funding measure since 1988, including four bond measures to rebuild and repair schools, Prop. H enrichment funding, and the new parcel tax for teacher raises.
  • Supported and implemented the Site-Based Budgeting and Weighted Student Formula programs, which give schools, rather than downtown bureaucrats, control over their budgets.

School finance experience and expertise:

  • Sat on the SFUSD Board of Education Budget Committee for 10 years and chaired the committee for six. Her vigilance was key in keeping SFUSD from insolvency and receivership when other nearby districts were falling into financial disaster. Has become a recognized expert in the famously complex area of education funding.

Empowerment for parents and students:

  • Was the major force in establishing SFUSD’s Department of Parent Relations.
  • Wrote the policy establishing SFUSD’s Parent Advisory Council.
  • Worked to ensure that the SFUSD Board of Education includes student delegates.

Achievement and equity:

  • Was a key force in establishing SFUSD’s STAR program, which provides extra support to underperforming schools and has helped led such schools as Balboa High School, James Lick Middle School, McKinley Elementary School and others improve their achievement significantly.
  • Worked to establish, strengthen and increase the number of language programs in SFUSD, including bilingual programs for English learners and two-way language immersion programs.
  • As a working artist and supporter of arts education as an essential factor in student success, helped develop SFUSD’s Arts Education Master Plan and has been a major supporter of School of the Arts (SOTA).

Students’ health and well-being:

  • Wrote the groundbreaking Commercial-Free Schools Act, which banned advertising and commercialism in our schools.
  • Wrote the landmark resolution getting junk food out of SFUSD schools, which led to the district’s taking a leadership role in young people’s health with the Wellness Policy.

Statewide and nationwide networking with education leaders:

  • Has served on the Board of Directors of the California School Boards Association, the National Board of Directors for the Council of Urban Schools, and the Board of Directors for the National School Boards Association. Appointed by the state schools superintendent to statewide task forces on Title I and Federal Programs Implementation. Co-chairs the Racial Isolation Task Force for the Council of Urban Boards of Education. Through these activities and other involvement, has become thoroughly versed in national and state education issues and best practices.

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