Jill Wynns has been a resident of Bernal Heights in San Francisco for 36 years. Her husband George Wynns is an ironworker and longtime labor activist in Ironworkers Union Local 377. They have 3 children, all of whom attended SF public schools. Jill was an SFUSD parent for 22 years and she has been a PTA member for 35 years. Before taking time out for motherhood and full-time school board service (for the standard stipend of $500/month), Jill was a professional theatrical costume designer for many years for the American Conservatory Theater, the San Francisco Opera and other arts organizations.  Jill is currently a professional fundraiser employed by the Jewish National Fund.


  • President, San Francisco Board of Education 2001,2002. Member, 1993-present.
  • Labor/Management/Community Committee, San Francisco Unified, 2000-2004.
  • Chair, Member. San Francisco Board of Education Budget Committee-ten years.
  • Member, Steering Committee, Council of Urban Boards of Education of the National School Boards Association, 2000- 2008.
  • Member, Title I Committee of Practitioners, California Dept of Educ, 2004-08.
  • Director, California School Boards Assoc., 1996-2000, 2006-08.
  • Delegate, California Schools Boards Association Delegate Assembly, 1993-95, 2001-2005.
  • Co-Chair, California School Boards Association, School Finance Project, 1995-1999.
  • Member, California School Boards Association, Urban School Districts Council, 1994-2004, Chair, 2001.
  • Chair-Annual Conference, California School Boards Association, 2000.
  • President, Assoc of California Urban School Districts,1994-96.
  • Member, State Student Attendance Review Board, 1996-present.
  • Director, Governance Training Services-Total School Solutions, Fairfield, CA, 2006-08.
  • Consultant, local initiative campaigns, community outreach, development, event planning, 1988-present.
  • Community-based programming consultant-California Academy of Sciences, 2001-2002.
  • Co-Chair, Proposition A, de Young Bond Campaign, San Francisco, 1998.
  • Co-Chair, Facilitator, Keep the de Young in the Park Coalition, 1997-98.
  • Campaign Executive-Jewish National Fund, 2007-present.
  • Network Coordinator, Children and Families Action Network of Alameda County, 1994-97.
  • Mission to Israel-San Francisco Jewish Community Relations Council, June 2004.
  • Delegate, San Francisco-Osaka, Japan Citizen Ambassadors Conference, May 1997.
  • Co-Chair, California Children’s Policy Action Council, 1997.
  • Member, California Children’s Advocates Roundtable, 1994-1998.
  • Chairperson, San Franciscans Unified-The School Community Coalition, 89-92.
  • President, San Francisco Parents’ Lobby, 1986-93.
  • Political consultant for tax and bond campaigns, 1988-92.
  • Pre-school and child care advocate, 1978-84.
  • Theater designer and department mgr, American Conservatory Theater, SF Opera, independent productions, 1969-78.


  • BA Humanities, New College, Hofstra University, New York.
  • Scandinavian Seminar, Wiks folkhogskola, Balingsta, Sweden.
  • California School Boards Association-Board Development Training – 1993-2008.
  • Harvard University Kennedy School of Government-Labor – Management Seminar-October 1999, January 2004.
  • Harvard University Business School and Graduate School of Education-Public Education Leadership Project-July 2004, 2005, 2006.

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