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buy Microsoft shares In 16 years on the San Francisco Board of Education, Jill has earned a reputation for independence, integrity, thorough understanding of complex issues, and relentlessness in asking tough questions. She is an expert in the complex areas of school budgeting and finance and has done extensive research and observation on best practices in education nationwide. In San Francisco, Jill has played key roles in developing and passing five school bonds, a facilities parcel tax, a unique local school sales tax, the groundbreaking city funding commitment for schools and preschools, and a parcel tax to support teachers and other school employees. Jill has served on the board during a time when the school district has been hailed for rooting out corruption and incompetence, and student achievement has steadily risen. She understands that there is far more work to be done, and has the knowhow and commitment to continue overcoming those challenges.

"Jill Wynns was asking hard questions when some of her colleagues were making excuses and looking the other way."

-- San Francisco Chronicle editorial

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Chronicle school board recommendations - Jill Wynns

Jill Wynns: She is a 16-year veteran member, noted for her detailed memory, high standards and flinty independence. ... Her tough mind and institutional knowledge are indispensable qualities needed for the challenges ahead. ... She knows district policies up and down.

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